All Pizza is local

With more than 1,000 recipes, Freiberger refines the brands of international retailers - for pizza, pasta and other chilled/frozen specialities. This great variety is down to the diversity in local taste preferences of consumers. Our experts identify and develop culinary highlights for each market separately, tailored exactly to the individual requirements of our partners in retail and catering.

Pizza and tarte flambée

We turn own-brands into a delight

Pizza divides tastes: some like them stone baked and traditionally-handmade, others thin and crispy, American style or with a filled edge. From fresh dough and hand-kneaded to gluten-free.
Yet others prefer wafer-thin tarte flambée. Round or square. Freiberger offers a wealth of options: not only are we masters of all current recipes and production techniques, we also like to reinvent the pizza.

Pasta and ready meals

Simple, fast and delicious

We can even prepare delicious pasta and ready meals in endless combinations: Tortellini in ham and cream sauce, classic lasagne Bolognese, gnocchi, spätzle and risotto. Optionally with meat or 100% vegetarian.

All meals are delivered deep-frozen in a baking tray and are suitable for quick preparation in the oven or microwave. Our fine pasta sauces are, of course, homemade; as are most types of pasta.

Snacks and baguettes

Ideal for in between and on the go

By snacks, we mean anything delicious that you can eat "by hand" - such as our crispy baguettes, delicious bread snacks or classic hot dogs.

All baguettes are frozen and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and combinations. Pre-baked or ready to eat for the microwave. And for those who love Italian, we bake original focaccia bread directly on hot stone.

Organic pizzas

Everything organic

The demand for healthy food, which is as natural as possible, has increased significantly. For many years now, Freiberger has been showing the world that organic and convenience can fit wonderfully together through our use of many ingredients from organic contract cultivation.

Everything is natural with our organic pizzas. The crispy bases and home-made toppings are produced and certified according to strict organic guidelines. Conscious enjoyment for all tastes.

Bakery goods

Fresh impulses through frozen snacks

Bakery stations are a real hit in the supermarket. Freiberger makes it easy for retailers to reach their full potential - with frozen pizzas, snacks and hot dogs that can be freshly prepared in no time at all.

All products have been specially developed for baking machines and maintain a high level of quality even with long standing times, without any artificial additives. The creative recipes range from classic to savoury to spicy - for maximum variety in the assortment.

Open Innovation Platform theBarn: Improving tomorrow's nutrition today

The world is changing - and with it our way of eating in the coming decades. For more sustainability, biodiversity, health and environmental protection, new ideas and contemporary concepts are needed in the food industry. To progress in this area, our parent company, the Südzucker Group, has launched the innovation platform theBarn. The open innovation platform brings together the brightest minds from the AgriFood and bio-economy world with the diverse experts and companies of SüdzuckerGroup. Entrepreneurs and start-ups are invited to share their ideas regarding products and ingredients, packaging or delivery routes with us - and thus make their vision of a sustainable world come true.


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